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We strongly recommend that ALL pets are insured! Policies are now available for rabbits and other exotic pets, as well as dogs and cats.

Why Should I Insure My Pet?

One third of all pets need to visit the vet each year due to accident or illness. Costs can quickly mount up, even for relatively straightforward problems. Sometimes a pet may also need to be referred to a specialist, e.g. for severe skin problems or broken limbs. Conditions such as these can often result in treatment that can cost several thousand pounds. These fees can sometimes make such treatments prohibitively expensive. If your pet is seriously ill, insurance will allow him or her to have access to the best care available and decisions need not be influenced by cost.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Most policies will cover accidents and illness and some will also offer third party liability, e.g. if your pet should cause an accident, emergency boarding fees and advertising if pet should be lost or stolen. Pet insurance does not normally cover routine treatments such as vaccination and worming.

What Type Of Policy Should I Choose?

There are many companies to choose from, so make sure you do your research! Bear in mind the important difference between a time restricted 12 month policy, a value restricted condition policy and an unrestricted life policy when comparing the prices of quotes. Yearly cover often costs significantly less than a lifelong policy but will only pay out on any one illness for a period of twelve months, e.g. if your pet should develop a skin allergy at the age of 6 months, your veterinary fees will only be covered for the next year and at the end of this period the insurance payments will cease. However, many conditions can last the whole of your pet’s lifetime which is why we always recommend that you choose a lifetime policy.

For independent impartial advice, please view the Insurance for Pets Guide